Lake Mead
Azucena tries her wings...

H. Dale and Gloria Lilly

          "Does that thing fly or float?"  The question came from a bicycler as we sat by the road with our Dovekie on the trailer.  We  think she does both.  This was our first trip away from home with her and she was going to get a workout on a western lake both familiar and unknown to us.  We have been there many times with other boats, but each visit is different.  There are hundreds of named coves, many unnamed, and they change with the current water level.  It makes for variety...and we love it.

Let's Go Sailing!
       There is more wildlife than you can imagine:  Bighorn sheep; Coyotes, Cottontail rabbits, Jackrabbits, Burros, Badgers, Fox, Squirrels...and many birds.  The ducks and geese are quite likely to come to your boat for a handout.  We removed a fishhook from a little Western Grebe [named Zorba, of course] and he followed our boat for ten days.  Our dogs were delighted and hung by their toes over the rail to reach him as he swam alongside trying to reach up to them as well.  After the spring changeover, the water will be almost as warm as the air, and in summer it gets HOT at this lake.  Fall is our favorite time to sail, enjoying the crisp, cool evenings and the warm, fragrant days.
       There are many things to see.  Go first to the Alan Bible Visitors Center near Boulder City to be given a variety of information packets.  Then go to Lake Mead Marina and buy a chart.  We like the "Fish .n.Map" waterproof charts best.   At the North end of the Lake (Overton Arm) you will want to see "Valley of Fire State Park" with its red rock formations unlike anywhere else in the world.   Petroglyphs, long time signs of human habitation, are everywhere.  In the park see 'Mouses Tank' and enjoy the wonderful tale of the Indian known as Mouse.