Memorial Day Weekend
on Barnegat Bay

By Jake Millar     Photos By Mike Walters

Taken From Shorebird's log

5/26/00 - Trailered Shorebird down to Trixie's at Berkeley Island. I was joined by Mike Walters with his Dovekie Egret.   Wind was predicted to be 5-10 mph from the west and we were anticipating a perfect weekend sail over to Island Beach State Park (IBSP).  We even brought fishing poles and clam rakes.  As is often the case, the weather was quite different from the forecast.  Actual wind speeds were 18-24 W with higher gusts. I sailed across the bay with a single reef while Mike decided to play it safe and motored over.  Mike said I did better than 6 kts across the bay.

 We beached our boats and had a quick lunch then set out sailing south along the back of IBSP, both with single reefed sails - we only sailed about 15 minutes before we stopped to put in second reefs. That made the boats much easier to handle - although the waves and gusts didn't give us a chance to relax all day!