North Channel SWS Cruise 2000
August 2000
by Laura DeMass

Pictures contibuted by Laura DeMass,
Ken Murphy, Leo Smith, and Nick Scheuer
Annotations by Ken Murphy
Interview with Sailor by Leo Smith

  Boat   Type   Crew Members
Blue Heron Shearwater -- Dean and Mary
Heron Dovekie -- Rich
Pel-Pel Dovekie -- Laura, Ellen, Robby, and Gabby
Sanity  Bay Hen -- Ken
Time Enough MacGregor -- Bob and Carol
True North Shearwater -- Nick, Gayle, and Dave
Waterbed Dovekie -- Leo and Sandy
Zephyr Martha Jane -- John and Pat

Adapted From
"Pil Pel Again"
One boat's Magnum Opus Journey
by Laura DeMass
January 15, 2001 Issue of Messing About in Boats

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 Day          Location                                Description            Number of Pictures

  0. Friday Preparations Picking up the boat   
 1. Saturday Spanish Municipal Marina, Spanish, Ontario The boats and crews arrive   6
 2. Sunday Spanish Municipal Marina, Spanish, Ontario A day of preparation   7 
 3. Monday Hotham Island Thrilling downwind sail   9
 4. Tuesday Fox Island A deserved stretch on warm rocks   9
 5. Wednesday Croker Island Fresh breeze sailing - nice raft-up   8
 6. Thursday Croker Island beach then to Lauisa Island Light air to light breeze - swimming   10
 7. Friday Spider Marina, Little Current, Ontario Walkabout town, and restaurants   4 
 8. Saturday Spider Marina then to Sturgeon Cove Morning shopping then a nice peaceful sail    4 
 9. Sunday Sturgeon Cove Swimming and campfire   5 
10. Monday La Cloche River Long upwind sail under a fresh breeze   4 
11. Tuesday La Cloche River Long hikes and swimming while waiting out 30kt winds   5 
12. Wednesday South Benjamin Island Pink rocks and evergreen   3
13. Thursday Wyatt Bay The last night afloat   0
14. Friday Spanish Municipal Marina, Spanish, Ontario Preparation for the drive home   0