Peter Duff's Boat Model Exhibit
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New Bedford Art Museum
Maggie Duff was kind enough to send photos of this great exhibit by her husband, Peter.  What a treasure of marine designs!  The following pages not only present photos of twenty-six boat models of Peter Duff's, but also includes excerpts from a letter by Mait Edey describing the start of his partnership with Peter in boat building. 

Joshua Slocum's Spray

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Peter Duff Boat Models
Maggie Duff, Curator

Peter Duff’s first boat models that still hang on his wall were 
built when he was ten or eleven. From then to now there
have been adventures in the nuclear fuel business,
engineering thermostats, snow plows, and pumps. But boats
have always pulled him back into crystal clear focus. When,
in 1986, 16 years of Parkinson’s disease dictated selling
Edey & Duff, formed in 1968 with Mait Edey to build full-sized
sailboats, Peter returned to building models. This show
of about two dozen models spans many years of time, many
sizes of models and many types of sail boats.

June 28 - October 5 2001
Opening Reception: June 28,5 - 8 pm

Hours: Daily 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Thurs. until 7:00 pm
(After Labor Day: Wed - Sun. 12 - 5, Thurs. 12 - 7)

Above: Peter's Model of Edey & Duff's First Construction Project the STONEHORSE.
Below: Lines Drawing for STONEHORSE sloop, designed by S.S. Crocker

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