Sailing on Barnegat Bay
June 28-30, 2002
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Text from a SWS article edited by Jake Millar
Photos by Morry Kapitan & Mike Walters

Here you see the second Barnegat Lighthouse.  It replaced the first Barnegat lighthouse built in 1824.  The second light house, still standing today was completed in 1859.  It is the second tallest lighthouse in the United States.  It was commissioned January 1, 1859 and operated until 1927.  It is now the central focus of the Barnegat Lighthouse State Park.

Barnegat Bay


Jake writes:

       On Friday, I slid Shorebird off her trailer into Forked River and the light west wind sent us sailing out the river to the bay.  On the bay the winds were WNW 10 to 15 kt. I sailed across the bay towards Island Beach State Park (IBSP) and Tices Shoals to find the weekend flotilla already massing up. Tices Shoal is a very popular spot for weekend boaters to anchor up and wade ashore for a day on the ocean beach or just lounge around on the bay.  I sailed south through the sedge islands and found a nice spot behind Great Sedge Island for the evening.  Anchor down at 6:30. The view from this spot was beautiful, emerald green sedge islands with Barnegat lighthouse just across the inlet and many birds feeding on the sandbar just a few yards away  - Shorebird was right at home here!


     Jake Millar - Dovekie - Shorebird
     Mike and Tammy Walters - Dovekie - Egret
     Paul McGovern and Ed - Dovekie - No Wake
     Morry and Linda Kapitan - PeepHen