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Choptank River/LaTrappe Creek
Slaughter Creek/Taylor Island/James Islands/Little Choptank River
Wye River
Year 2002

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Jake keeps two logbooks.  A rough logbook, which he keeps onboard Shorebird, and a finished one at home.  He makes his daily entries in the rough logbook, then when he gets home he opens the finished logbook, which is a high quality leather bound affair given to him by his wife, Judi, and in his best penmanship transfers his entries into this classy log.  Here are some examples of his 2002 entries.

Choptank River/LaTrappe Creek

          Sept 28th, Saturday - Met Jack Clayton at the Franklin Street ramp (Sailwinds), Cambridge at 9:30; he already had his mast stepped and was close to launching Egia his Norwalk Islands sharpie.  The winds were blowing 17-25 out of the NE with 2 ft waves rolling out on the river.   I decided to trailer over to Trappe Landing and launch there, already across the Choptank and well protected.  I never put the sail up!  The wind was strong and shifty even that far up the creek so I motored around exploring several branches off the main creek and found one that was especially beautiful - secluded, quiet and natural - I made Rest Stop a note on my chart.  I motored further out LaTrappe creek and spied Jack coming up the creek double reefed.  Met him at Martins Pt. and agreed to head for Sawmill Cove.  Anchor down about 2:30 and enjoyed about 3 hrs of rest and conversation.  I peeled off about 5:30 and went to my favorite anchorage in this area, put my own anchor down and got dinner going.  Just sitting in the cockpit now waiting for dark. Fish jumping, crickets chirping, birds singing, cicadas calling back and forth, geese in the cornfield honking, a dog barking somewhere and I just heard an owl who whooing - what a symphony!  I’ll enjoy this - read a bit, and call it a night.

     Egia at rest - Sawmill Cove - LaTrappe Creek

          Sept. 29th, Sunday - Up early, but no rush to get started.  Made a good breakfast then organized and stowed gear.  Motored around to the small cove where Jack stayed last night.  Saw two Pileated woodpeckers in a nearby tree - beautiful birds, and large!   We’ve got a nice sailing breeze today and I need to make up for yesterday’s motoring all day.  Shorebird and Egia sailed together out to Martins Pt. then I turned around to sail back up the creek to Trappe Landing while Jack headed out to the Choptank. A cool, sunny day with a good breeze - great fun!  Met Jack at the SailWinds ramp later and went for crabcakes and beer - a nice end to a pleasant weekend sail.

Jack and Egia heading out Sunday AM, for another day of sailing

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