A Flotilla of Bolger Boats
North Channel - July 28 to August 10
Out of Spanish, Ontario, Canada
from the Logs of Waterbed and Zephyr
Report by Patty Gerty
Pictures by John Gerty

July 28th -Spanish Municipal Marina

          Wind and rain delayed the planned Sunday departure of 8 boats and 14 crew:

Blue Heron: Dean, Mary, & Damon
True North: Nick & Gayle
Ardea: Harry & Alice

Carpe Diem:  Peter
Heron: Richard
Sundowner : Larry
Waterbed:  Leo & Sandy

Martha Jane:
Zephyr: John & Patty

         While waiting, the crews had dinner in town, toured Elliot City and museum, visited the Tuck Shop, and enjoyed the marina’s other great modern facilities including lounge, laundromat, fitness center, showers with saunas.  New to the marina are breakfasts in the upper lounge area with the beautiful view.   Run by the Picnic Basket, they also deliver dockside dinners from their main menu. Waterbed and Carpe Diem explored the Spanish River.  We watch a trimaran retrieval.  No shortage of mosquitos.

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