Who are the Shallow Water Sailors?
           The SWSers are trailer sailors who enjoy sailing on water so thin it can be termed a "heavy dew."  "Shallow Water Sailor" actually refers to the group's newsletter started in 1986 by a band of Dovekie owners. The Dovekie is a sharpie sailboat designed by Phil Bolger in a "strenuous attempt to produce a popular family recreational boat that would function without an engine."  What resulted was a boat with a four inch draft that in windless conditions can be propelled by 10' oars at about 2 knots. Its owners discovered that the boat has many other virtues that class it in the truly trailerable, messabout sailboat category.
            Today, though the majority of the SWS membership are Dovekie owners, a good percentage own other trailerable boats such as Shearwaters, Bay Hens, Peep Hens, Sea Pearls, Martha Janes, Seaward Foxs, as well as MacGregors. What SWSers have in common is the urge to experience the numerous bodies of water that provide pleasant and challenging sailing experiences that are within a day or two drive from home.
            These web pages will chronicle cruises lasting several days to several weeks taken by members of the SWS.  A new cruise will be added every month or two.