Shallow Water Sailor Membership Benefits

            As of 2014 the SWS membership amounts to about seventy sailors. About 1/3 of the membership live on the east coast. Another 1/3 are from the US heartland and another 1/3 from the west, the south, Canada, and Australia.
            SWSers trailer everywhere. Notable annual events include a 3 day Spring Cruise on the Chesapeake Bay attended by about 15 boats and a two week "Magnum Opus" Cruise with about 10 boats during the summer, usually in northern waters such as the North Channel of Lake Huron.
            The newsletter is now purely a digital publication. About 8 or more newsletters are sent out yearly in PDF form. The newsletter generally runs about 6 pages and is in full color. If you number among those trailer sailors that enjoy pleasant cruises on unique waters (much of which will be shallow) you might want to consider joining the SWSers. Be warned they stay far away from marinas preferring quiet, remote anchorages!
            As we are now a purely digital publication, with only web page costs that are rather low, we no longer are charging dues. We hope that if you join you will submit articles and help keep the web pages current by providing web page improvements. Members must have computers capable of receiving files as large as 4 MBs and have the Adobe Reader program capable of reading PDF files. To join send please send an email to the editor with your Membership Information.

Any questions e-mail