Lake of the Woods Race
By Nick Scheuer


The green, orange and white spinnaker grew larger astern, but slowly.  After two hours of chasing only the Rhodes 19 leading our class, we would have to begin maneuvers to avoid being covered and slowed by the upper-division boats which had all started later.  "Congratulations! I've got the World's best spinnaker, and it took a long time to catch you!"  We'll remember those words for a very long time.


It was what the skipper of the 35 ft sloop called out as he drew abeam of PIL-PEL. No question about this being a highlight of the week.  Ellen spent most of the day poised in the bow gripping the red and white sun umbrella, our "bumberchute", and it made a difference.  It would also be subject for discussion later in the august chambers of the international committee judging this event.  It was the last day of the week-long LOWISA Regatta, and with a strong following breeze, our best by far.   PIL-PEL has always performed exceptionally on a run, as many of you know, and this day some blue-chip racers were good-naturally acknowledging the same.

Graphic Created by Daughter Ellen to Commemorate PIL-PEL's Last Cruise


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