The North Channel of Lake Huron has been a must-see ever since I first heard about it 15 years ago.  We finally got there, and it was better than any fantasy could have made it.  A 15 hour drive for us, and we were the closest ones.
        Lake Huron runs largely north and south; the most northerly part of the lake was our destination.  There, Manitoulin Island forms an east-west barrier, creating a fascinating strip of water for both deep-draft and shallow-water vessels.  Any trees that grow on these dirt-starved islands all point downwind, so constant is the prevailing westerly wind.  But what I had forgotten from previous visits to northern Ontario is the stunning beauty of the rocks!  They dominate the landscape.  They are bald, glacier- rounded, and come in many colors: white (quartz), red and pink (granite), and black, and more.  Makes me hunger for a geology course.

Sandy Lommen has been sailing her Dovekie with husband, Leo, since 1984.  They have made nearly all of the Shallow Water Sailor's Magnum Opus cruises.  These are two week cruises that take place in northern waters during the summer months.  Sandy has been the one to document most of these cruises.  We are lucky to count such writers amongst us. 

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