The Shallow Water Sailor Videos

Holiday Video Links
  Examples of what is referred to as "flash mob" or "random acts of culture".
A big hallelujah at the Seaway Mall, in Welland, Ontario
Another, more dressy hallelujah with the Johann Strauss Orchestra and the Harlem Gospel Choir.
The Sound of Music at the Central Station, Antwerp, Belgium
Copenhagen Philharmonic at the Copenhagen Central Station
Ode to Joy, a Som Sabadell Flashmob from Spain
The U.S. Air Force Band at the Smithsonian

Sailing Video Links
  Keep Turning Left - a 41 video series about a low key circumnavigation of Britain
High Speed Sailing beginning with the French Gitana 13
A Three Carrier Strike Group Formation, plus the USS New York (a PDF file)
Sailing - something's wrong with the world today
April 20th at Walvis Bay Speed-spot. Ran 44 knots, hope to get to 50 soon.
Hydrofoil Speed record, 47 knots
Navigation - This is the USS Montana
How to build a boat; the USS Zumwalt, March 2012
Launch of the USS Zumwalt,November 2013
21st Century Warships(full documentary)
Best angry seas video
Winter conditions on the North Sea
Waves - Day OF Giants 2007
Hurricane Sandy Damage - NJ shore aerial photos
Solar Powered Pontoon Boat #1
Solar Powered Pontoon Boat #2
John Masefield's Sea Fever, song by Tom Roush
Flyboards show their stuff!
Costa Concordia: Salvaging a shipwreck

The Sky at Night
  The Night Sky A fellow astronomy student sent this link in memory of Sir Patrick Moore who was a BBC science personality.
A Rememerance of Sir Patrick with several additional links

Judi & Jake Millar Favorites
  Saucy Sailor by the Wailin Jennys Suggested by Judi Millar
Storm Comin' by the Wailin Jennys Memories of past Spring Cruises
Cricket Choir

Shallow Water Sailer Video Links
  Shallow Water Sailor Introduction
A Pub With No Beer - selected SWS photos
John Masefield's Sea Fever
Close-ups of SWS Sailors
I Am A Sea Shell
Spring Cruise 2009 Part 1
Spring Cruise 2009 Part 2
St. Marys River Cruise 2009
Edey & Duff Builder's Race
Reflection on a lifetime of sailing Mac Craig reading from E.B. White's "The Sea and the Wind that Blows.
Westerport Bay, Yaringa A 2010 sailing video by Mac Craig.
Yaringa Marina Another Mac Craig production focusing on the marina.
Horizon Cat Boat Delivery of Bill's new boat (a buddy of Mac's), Yaringa Marina in Westerport Bay, Victoria, Australia.
Horizon Cat Boat's Maiden Voyage Bill at the Wheel.
Sailing Western Port Flotilla a John Sullivan August 2013 video, Yaringa Harbour, Australia.

Fun Video Links
Including Some Great Videos of the Natural World

  Frazil Ice at Yosemite National Park
Osprey at Work, see more predator videos at
Wyman Meinzer's great West Texas photos, with music by Doug Smith
Starlings on Ot Moor - by Dylan Winter
Water Buffalos vs Lions
Cougar Meets Bear

500K Volt Line Worker
Human Body Repair Animation - cool
A great puzzle for you to solve
Did You Know ... - Update 3
High Speed Camera
Van Gogh Tribute
The Big Kite - sky divers
Some morphing videos:
   1. Van Gogh Self-Portraits
   2. Women in Art
   3. Women in Film
   4. Men in Film
   5. Picasso
   6. Dove - Evolution Commercial, not morphing but wow
   7. Dove - Evolution Commercial, the slob parady
Celtic Woman - A New Journey - Beyond the Sea
Mother's Day - two son's taking a picture
Gymnastics at Its Best
Can you believe this landing?
Ball girl's amazing catch
Evian Roller Babies international version
Little North Korean Girl Playing Guitar
I'm Farming and I Grow It - The Peterson Farm Brothers
West Texas photos and music - Delightful
Breathtaking spy plane footage

Warning: Several of the videos above are fabrications or pranks. Many individuals may consider these videos playful, however, they are not described as fabrications, and for this reason are deceptive in nature. We must take anything we see or hear in today's media with a grain of salt, i.e. to use our intelligence and reasoning capabilities to reveal the truth.

TED Conference Lectures
  Hans Rosling and the Magic Washing Machine
Hans Rosling: Let my dataset change your mindset

Science Videos
  This is how the Curiosity Rover will land on Mars
Photos from the Hubble Space Telescope (this is a Power Point File, be patient while file downloads)

Music Video Links
  Nature Boy - Nat King Cole
Nature Boy - Lizz Wright with percussionist Jeff Haynes
A jewel of English a cappella singing - Stile Antico
The King's Singers - Overture The Barber Of Seville.
Tieney Sutton - the voice, the piano, the base, & drums spell JAZZ.
Eight selected videos from the "Playing for Change" series.
Stand By Me
Don't Worry
One Love
Chanda Mama
War/No More Trouble
Gimme Shelter
Higher Ground
Learn how they make Playing for Change videos:
Playing For Change: The Making of Songs Around The World

Our Heros
  Remember Me by Lizzie Palmer
Gettysburg Address
Most Heavily Decorated Soldier - Robert Howard
Martin Luther King ... I Have a Dream

Getting Older Links
  Tom Rush - The Remember Song
Tim Hawkins- Old Rock Star Songs
When to Take a Senior Citizens License Away

Crossing the Bar
  Crossing the Bar by Alfred Tennyson, 1889
Dr. Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture". He passed away on July 25, 2008
Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address. He passed away on October 5, 2011

Season's Greetings 2012
A white Christmas in Tallin
Norm sends his Christmas greetings, he reports: Tiiu and I are spending Christmas in the Baltics (Tallinn, Estonia)for the first time since 1993, when we lived in Vilnius, Lithuania. We are here for 3 weeks, including New Year, which required me to drag along my tux. We will be spending time at concerts and other events with family and friends. We saw the sun at noon today, low in the southern sky. It set about 3:30pm, but there is a long twilight this far north. The video, taken and posted to youtube by a Finn (who lives even farther north than the 60 degrees of Tallinn) was brought to our attention by a Finnish friend who has had the pleasure of spending Christmases in Washington, DC and Boston.

Salvage of the Cruise Ship Costa Concordia
Here is a Dec 17, 2012 newscast by Lesley Stahl
Planning for the Recovery.

Gary - Thanks for the links
Time-Lapse Video of the Recovery.
Graphic diagram showing how they did it plus a news cast about the operation.

Tom Scannell - Thanks for the links
24 Costa Concordia Parbuckling Pictures.
Main page of gCaptain containing lots of shipping news.