Everglades Wilderness Waterway

February 1991
Story: Ken Murphy
Photos: Kaz Campe

Adapted from an article appearing in "Messing About in Boats", February 1, 1993

     Florida is filled with opportunities for boating adventures and winter is a particularly attractive time for Northerners to take a trip there.  You can rent canoes, sailboats, houseboats, or fishing boats, or as Kaz and I did - take your own.  A particularly helpful planning guide is the "Florida Atlas and Gazetteer" (see the Trip Tips for ordering information).  This guide provides very detailed maps of Florida and includes important recreational information.  The canoeist and touring kayaker will be particularly pleased with Florida's streams and rivers.  In fact, the wilderness waterway, our objective on this trip, was especially designed with the canoeist and kayaker in mind, but as it turned out a small sailboat was the perfect craft for this waterway. 
N. Miles
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Getting There
Everglades Park
Putting In
Buttonwood Canal
Coot Bay
Tarpen Creek
Whitewater Bay
Little Shark River
Shark River
Tarpon Bay
Harney River
Broad Creek
Gulf of Mexico
First Bay
Lostmans River
Second Bay
Onion Key Bay
Two Island Bay
Lostmans Five Bay
Plate Creek Bay & Creek
Dads Bay
Alligator Bay and Creek
Tarpon Bay
Cannon Bay
Chevelier Bay
Last Hudson Bay
 Hudson Bay
Oyster Bay
Sunday Bay
Lopez River
Chokoloskee Bay
Barron River
 Trip Tips

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